Is life on Venus? This is what Russian scientists believe


Venus. (NASA)

A group of scientists from Novosibirsk, Russia, analyzed the images of the surface of Venus and found what can be evidence of the presence of living beings on the planet.

Studying panoramic images of the surface of Venus, recorded between 1975 and 1982 by the Soviet probes Venera-9, Venera-10, Venera-13 and Venera-14, the researchers identified what appear to be objects in slow motion and with a stable structure , reported Sputnik World.

The contours of these objects resemble those of land creatures, such as those of a lizard, a scorpion and a mushroom, the researchers said.

The alleged life forms changed their position in the different images, they were of considerable size and differed from the surrounding geological formations.

The hypothesis of Russian scientists is based on the fact that the conditions necessary for the emergence and maintenance of extraterrestrial life forms may differ from those of our planet.

"The discovery of extraterrestrial life would affect all human knowledge, something comparable to the expansion of humanity beyond the Earth and at the beginning of the space age," said Valeri Snitnikov, one of the authors of the study.

Venus is the second planet of the Solar System and the most similar to the Earth due to its size, gravity, mass, density and volume.

In its atmosphere, temperatures exceed 450 degrees Celsius and atmospheric pressure is 92.

The possibility of existence of life forms on Venus has become a mission since 1950 and despite high temperatures and huge atmospheric pressure, the clouds of that nearby planet could harbor microorganisms.

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