Is Masatoshi Hamada totally denying cosplay?Enako asked, “Why do you suffer from strange wigs?”

Masatoshi Hamada (C) Maijitsu

Cosplayer Enako will appear in “Prebat !!” (TBS series) broadcast on January 13th. The moderator, “Downtown,” was disappointed by Masatoshi Hamada, but the viewers generally sympathize with it.

Enakoto Amika, Chihiro Kondo, Airi Matsui, and Kento Senga of “Kis-My-Ft2” remake old clothes, finish children’s clothes, and broadcast a project in which experts rank them. Enako ranked second out of five and was named a “talented ant.”

In the VTR, Enako appears in the twin tails with clothes that seem to be everyday wear. He revealed that he had been cosplaying since he was a junior high school student, and said that he began to make his own costumes when he became a high school student.

Looking at Enako in a state where she wasn’t cosplaying, Hamada denied cosplay, saying, “I’m normal, yeah!” On this day, Enako, who had decided to cosplay as a pink wig, lamented, “That’s it!”

Masatoshi Hamada says “Why weird wigs …”

Hamada, who guides through the warehouse where all the costumes are stored, sees Enako’s normal appearance again and continues, “Why do you suffer from strange wigs? Enako desperately denied, “No, that’s not the case …”.

Ena’s appearance without cosplay seems to have been valuable to fans. The viewer is in tune with Hamada’s words.

《Hama-chan praised Enako by saying, “Why do you have a weird slurp when you’re doing it normally?”
“I saw Prebat, but when I appear on TV, I always appear in cosplay, but I want to see Enako-chan, who looks normal.”
《Cosplayer Enako is usually cute even when she is not cosplaying》
“I think it’s a compliment that the time of normal make-up without cosplay is cute”
《It ’s cute to make up normally》
“It’s usually cute without Enako cosplay! I was surprised! 》
《Enako Isn’t it cute to wear normal clothes? 》

I want you to appear on the program with “plain clothes cosplay”.

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