Is Nintendo Switch ready to last three more years on the market?

With the imminent arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X we wonder if Nintendo will be able to resist with its console.

The Nintendo itself said: Switch is in the middle of its life cycle. This means that the hybrid still hasthree years of life. For that same reason, recently the president of the company, Shuntaro Furukawa, has called for calm, assuring that there are still many games to come and that they have not yet been announced. In this situation, the imminent arrival of new consoles by the competition and the next-gen graphics demonstration that we saw the other day, in 3DJuegos we have asked ourselves: can Nintendo Switch hold up in the market? Will she last three years or will she need a successor soon?Tell us your opinion in the comments.

Yes – Jesús Bella

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If Nintendo were with Wii U on the market right now, my stance on this debate would be different. But they have Switch, andthe Japanese arrive at the change of generation with the duties done. The installed base of consoles is more than 55 million and they have sold more than 350 million video games (the console-games ratio is 1: 7, which is really good data). It is thanks to their catalog, with hits like Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2 or the impressive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which are performing commercially in spectacular fashion.

Nintendo will endure these three years thanks to splendid video games, although it cannot be trustedI reiterate. If we were in the Wii U era, it would be problematic to see the arrival of the generational leap proposed by PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, I think Nintendo’s situation is stable, for two reasons. The first is that they have got the Switch concept right. Despite its hybrid nature, it triumphs overits portability, something that cannot be found in other brands. The appearance of Lite to boost sales does nothing more than support the fact that a high percentage of users prefer portable mode. Secondly, we have to take into account theirexclusive licenses, reason of trust and quality guarantee for the followers of the brand. Nintendo is succeeding in attracting gamers of all kinds and at the same time continues to strengthen its hard core.

However, I am not going to end this debate without being critical of the Kyoto company. While Switch has triumphed with these numbers, Big N can’t fall asleep. For next year, it is estimated that the company’s profits will drop by 20%, and this 2020 the pace of launches is being discontinuous. Metroid Prime 4 is going to be practically impossible to have, and I highly doubt that Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is ready. At the moment, there is little else besides the new Paper Mario and Bravely Default 2 as relevant releases, although we are hopeful of seeing the not yet confirmed remasters of the Super Mario saga. Then thisthe theme of game as a service, in which Nintendo lags behind. PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass are future bets, but Nintendo Switch Online right now is a fixed fee for playing online. Little more.

I feel that the Japanese should be more aggressive in their trade policy and take a look at the trends that are taking hold. Nintendo Switch will endure these three years (I think without the need for Switch Pro) and it will do it with splendid video games, because this company has some of the best talents in the industry. But what was said: should not be trusted.

No – Alberto Pastor

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You know well that I am one of those who jumps with joy with the recently announced Paper Mario: The Origami King, and that I will enjoy like few of the next Nintendo video games. However, I feel that the premiere of the new generation of consolesgoing to make it more difficultthird-party games to land on the hybrid console. I know that the Big N is not going to fail in terms of its exclusives, does anyone doubt it ?, and they will do it with great video games that will make history, as up to now. But … what’s in between? If we go back to the days when practically all you have is Nintendo games, we will suffer those dreadedtimes of droughtthey did so much damage to the brand in the past.

If we go back to the times without third-party, we will suffer the dreaded launch droughts againTheeShopIt is nourished by a large number of independent games that adapt perfectly to the portable format of the console, but if some large companies in the sector already find it difficult to release their games on the Nintendo console, what will happen when they have to make a greater effort technical and economical? A few weeks ago we talked in the magazine about how ports are created for Nintendo Switch, taking as a starting point the information from one of the studios that are best taking advantage of its hardware, and it is not that it is a path in pink. So what will happen when new releases far exceed their current power? Are we satisfied knowing that we will have to play them on other platforms?

I know Nintendo has long since departed from the tech race, and it hasn’t fared badly, butthey must prepare to fight their own waroffering a product if possible more attractive. I am thinking of collaborations with major industry studios to work on exclusive titles. See how well Ubisoft has done with the fantastic Mario + Rabbids, or how great it has been to return to Luigi’s Mansion with Next Level. They have lots oflicenses that have been forgotten, and that they could well function in the hands of prestigious studios that treat them with the respect they deserve. Thus, Nintendo would guarantee a great flow of releases for its console, at its own pace, enhancing that unique identity that the hybrid console has. Not to mention for the umpteenth time that also relying onyour catalog of classics, would become even more attractive. Can you imagine enjoying all its legacy wherever you go? It is an incredible dream … that now seems impossible. That’s why I am telling you.

They have the tools to achieve this, to continue at the foot of the canyon with a mass product; but they must prepare for it. I trust them and I want to believe that they are prepared to last three more years without suffering a drought of launches, but I also tell you,I want to be shown. If possible, with one of those historical Nintendo Direct that we like so much.

And you do you think?

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