"Is not it nice, my oil?"

If I understand correctly, if you buy or sell it, oil is a curse. We always depend on it. The dealer is also dependent, at least for his trade, if not his cam. With oil, we are always fertilized: it is the permanent oil spill, on the sea, on the earth and in the air. Even prices, go up and down, but never as they should, always leaves everyone in a black shit like gold. Even in Qatar and Bahrain you feel "good for that", to be rich, oil threads as if they were daddy, billionaires Shadoks pumping, pumping and pumping. It is difficult today to imagine a world without oil, with dung in the streets. One can console itself with the nuclear one: it is gold of what color, the atom? We have to wait for it to peep out to know it. It is true that if we had it, we, the oil that overflows everywhere, we could build ski slopes on the banks of the Seine, not lose anything if not baguenauder in the buildings, do the shopping in helicopter and win the competition of the highest towers of the world. German or Swiss workers who are too happy to take advantage of our manna would be pleased to be employed with a decent wage. And besides, we would do it with human rights, so we would not need to dissect anyone in our consulates.

From an ecological point of view, it seems proven that oil is not a must. The final solution would not be to spend as much as possible, so that the world reserves can run out before us, that we get rid of the oil, filled up to the bone? We could try to welcome all the sauces: organic bananas sautéed with oil, vegetarian organic oil steak, camembert of fluent oil with an appellative contrôlée, soft with oil and its stuccoed diesel. Basically, we like it, oil, we want it everywhere: be it cosmetics or food, we need our dose. Who knows how our body would react if it were brutally deprived of it? Would not the world suddenly be disenchanted? We're in a drip, we can not disconnect this way. There is nothing against electricity that can even allow the nuclear to give its full extent, but oil has a traditional side, the family, in a sentimental word. This good old oil for which we have already done so many wars and this, it is not about running out.

And if we favor global warming, would not we allow nuclear to be put in place by multiplying solar energy without having to get our hands on oil? In war as in war. The advantage of oil, however, is that it is a pollution that is visible, it is full of fun, it is not sneaky like nuclear. Also, if the planet is really fucked, it's not time to puncture. What if we put it that way? A great planetary food, a Trumpian party. If I understand correctly, it seems that, against the background of money, we can not be more ecologically correct on this point, oil, all in all, has an odor.

Mathieu Lindon

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