Is Ravon R3 better than LADA Granta?


Motorists have discussed whether the novelty of the Uzbek automobile industry was worth the title of AvtoVAZ killer.

In one of the automotive audiences, the pilots discussed the price and range of configurations of the Ravon R3 which is back on the Russian market. The Uzbek sedan in the minimum configuration Comfort with a 106-horsepower 1.5-liter engine costs 499,000 rubles, and for the "upper" version will have to pay 569,000 rubles.

The network has started a heated discussion on the fact that Ravon R3 is really better than LADA Granta. Motorists have recalled that the Ravon R3 is built on the basis of the familiar Chevrolet Aveo to the Russians, having only aesthetic differences. The pilots are sure that even the old Aveo is better than the new "Grants".

He was also a car enthusiast who managed to drive both in Ravon R3 and in LADA Granta. The man notes that the "American Uzbek" salon is made better and there are no squeaks and noises. Furthermore, the driver noticed the soundproofing of the cabin and the fact that the doors of the Ravona do not close "with the sounds of the Donbass refrigerator door". "The Uzbeks do things!", Concluded the commentator.

At the same time, as for LADA Granta, many motorists are sure that this is "the same as LADA Kalina", but in a "new casing", which is a reference to the "relationship" of Ravon R3 and Chaevrolet Aveo. "What did AvtoVAZ do? Taken Kalina, changed face, turned Granta. Like the Uzbeks with Aveo," wrote one of the pilots.

However, motorists are confident that the Ravon R3 cannot be a competitor to LADA Vesta.

We recall that the basic equipment LADA Granta today costs about 400,000 rubles, but the scarce allocation of the model is noted in the network. "The kit is such that soon there will not be an engine with the cheapest subsidy, but instead it will give oars", jokes the driver.

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