Is the “Doctor X” series over !? Fans also develop fear “Only the unpleasant ending …” –Maijitsu

Ryoko Yonekura Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu

On November 18, the sixth episode of the blockbuster series drama “Doctor X-Surgeon, Michiko Daimon-” (TV Asahi) starring Ryoko Yonekura was broadcast. A horrifying development has occurred, and series fans are raising anxiety.

“Because I won’t fail” in any difficulty. The 7th series of “Doctor X”, which has reached its 10th year since its birth, is the highest university hospital in Japan, “Totei University Hospital”, which has entered a new phase while medical collapse occurs all over the world due to the pandemic once in 100 years. Is the stage. Ryutaro Hachisuka (Mansai Nomura), the director of the internal medicine department, who will increase his voice in the hospital through a pandemic and promote organizational reform led by the internal medicine department, will appear on behalf of the director.

In the sixth episode, as usual, Ms. Miko (Yonekura) treats the patient with a super operation. I succeeded in a difficult operation safely, but behind the scenes there was a suspicious movement. Dr. Kambara (Kishibe Kazunori), the director of the Kambara Meiyo Introductory Office, who Michiko admires as a “master”, said, “Then you can sign a formal contract. Now you don’t need Michiko Daimon anymore.” It was emitting.

From the health of regular performers …

Speaking of Akira, he is a person who has teamed up with Ms. Miko for many years, even though it has a mysterious and smoky atmosphere.If you come here and betray Michiko, it’s a big incident that shakes the series, and on the net

“Akira-san has a bad face … Who is that contractor … It’s a considerable surgeon that you don’t need an unknown child … >>
《What does it mean that Michiko Daimon is no longer needed? Don’t say that! 》
《Akira-san is crazy about the darkness》
《I think there was a development in which Professor Daimon was suspicious of Akira-san before, but I wonder what’s going on this time, I hope it’s not an unpleasant ending》

There are voices of concern.

“Kishibe, who plays Akira, has been hospitalized for poor physical condition in 2018, and has recently been worried about his health. Similarly, Toshiyuki Nishida, a famous regular cast, hasn’t heard much about his physical condition for the past few years. As a station, I would like to continue the drama with such a high audience rating forever, but the physical strength of the actors is not catching up with it. Rather than continuing the drama without two people, this big hit while the two are still healthy Maybe the series will be completed … In that sense, there may have been a development in which the story seems to move significantly. “(TV official)

When “Doctor X” is completed, it seems that we will be able to obtain a tremendous audience rating at the end.

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