Is the Passat in Europe going to come out?



In 2015, the Passat was still celebrated as a new business class.

In 2015, the Passat was still celebrated as a new business class.(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

Thursday 8 November 2018

The fact that producers extract cars that do not work is not new. But that a car like the Passat now appears in the list of strikes of the VW group, is already a hammer. Wolfsburg has other plans.

The VW Passat could be in Western Europe before the end. According to information from the "Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung" (HAZ), VW is thinking of stopping production of the Emden mid-range model and of building electric cars at the factory instead. In 2022, the last Passat rolled out of line. A decision must be taken in mid-November at the Supervisory Board meeting. The series of models of the roads of the world should disappear completely under any circumstances.

VW does not sell enough units from the Passat in Western Europe.

VW does not sell enough units from the Passat in Western Europe.

According to the original plans, this 251,000 Passat should be manufactured on the North Sea coast, but by the end of December, according to HAZ, there will be only 229,000 units. The 8700 employees have already had to get used to part-time work and unusual shifts this year. The context is no less the declining demand for the model of the middle class: while the German Passat despite the increasing competition of SUVs for years regularly in the top 5 of the best-selling cars, has not even appeared in the rest of Europe between the 25 most popular models,

Large and relatively expensive mid-range cars are not much in demand, especially in Southern Europe – and if so, then they buy more prestigious models like the Mercedes C-Class (20th place in September with just under 13,000 units ). Viewed worldwide, Emdener with around 319,000 units in the current year, although it is still ranked 19, but we count that there are only models technically related remotely in China and the United States, which are also produced locally and will not be affected by the closure of a plant at Emden, Rather, the Passat and its branches in China have been among the bestsellers of the brand for decades, in the United States, the renewed 2016 sedan should break Japanese supremacy in this segment.

SUVs and electric cars in Germany

In Germany and Europe, on the one hand, VW's SUV models could replace the Passat, on the other hand, the imminent electric cars of the I.D. The announced for 2020 VW Neo has set with its exterior dimensions similar to a golf, though theoretically in the compact class, but it should provide interior space thanks to the space that saves the drive as much space as the Passat. The Neo was built in the first Volkswagens electric car factory in Zwickau.

If demand increases and the product range is expanded simultaneously, capacity should not last long. Emden could therefore become the second electroproduction. However, part of the workforce would probably not be more necessary since the production of electric models is less complex than that of cars with internal combustion engines.

The current, possibly latest generation of the VW Passat was launched at the end of 2014 and should receive a lift in the next year. In 2022, the end of the standard model life cycle would have been reached at the latest. The first Passat arrived on the market in 1973, since then five generations have followed.





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