Is there a link between corona vaccines and infertility?

It was decided to vaccinate for the method of protection from the corona virus, which entered our lives in 2019. It is claimed that corona virus vaccines have various side effects. Because of these allegations, there are citizens all over the world who reject the vaccine.

Hilal Bardakçı from Shift talked about the side effects of the vaccine. Here is that article:

Contrary to myths on social media, COVID-19 vaccines do not cause erectile dysfunction and male infertility. In fact, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is the cause of COVID-19, poses a risk for both disorders. So far, little research has been done on how the virus or vaccines affect the male reproductive system.

However, doctors and researchers at the University of Miami shed light on this subject by conducting a study. The team discovered potentially far-reaching implications for men of all ages, including young and middle-aged men who want to have children.

Ranjith Ramasamy said, “My colleagues and I analyzed autopsy tissues of the testicles of six men who died from COVID-19 infection. The result was that one of the men had the COVID-19 virus in their tissues. The other three revealed decreased sperm count. Another patient who survived COVID-19 had a testicular biopsy about three months after infection. The biopsy showed that the corona virus was still in his testicles.” said.

They also analyzed corona virus vaccines
Researchers shared another remarkable finding. The team discovered that COVID-19 affects the penis. Analysis of penile tissue from two men who received penile implants showed that the virus was present seven to nine months after diagnosis of COVID-19. Both men had developed severe erectile dysfunction, presumably because the infection caused reduced blood flow to the penis.

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Specifically, one of the men had only mild symptoms of COVID-19. The other was hospitalized. This suggests that even those with a relatively mild case of the virus may experience severe erectile dysfunction after recovery.

These findings are actually not surprising. Because we know that other viruses invade the testicles and affect sperm production and fertility. For example, researchers examining the testicular tissues of six patients who died from the SARS-CoV virus in 2006 found that all had widespread cell destruction with little or no sperm. It is also known that mumps and Zika viruses can enter the testicles and cause inflammation. Sperm production is impaired in 20 percent of men infected by these viruses.

So, do COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility? Again, Ramasamy’s team investigated whether Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines were safe for the male reproductive system on 45 men. The results showed that the vaccines were safe. So that’s another reason to get vaccinated to protect male reproduction and sexual function.


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