Sport Is there a new rule because of Corona?

Is there a new rule because of Corona?

There is currently a discussion about how many fans the Bundesliga clubs can play in the coming season. There could also be a new rule – and another reason for being sent off.

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Because of the persistent Corona-Pandemie there could be strange relegations in football in the coming season.

Like the rule keepers of the international Football Association Board (IFAB) announced willful to cough will be punished with an red card in the direction of an opponent or an impartial. Of the referee must judge accordingly whether the cough was “routine” or “intentional”.

“The referee can intervene”

Cough is one of the most common symptoms in a person infection With Covid-19. Therefore, the IFAB now classified the deliberate offense on a level with verbal or gestural insults.

“If it were clearly an oversight, the referee would not intervene, especially if the cough took place with a large gap between the players,” the IFAB clarified the new rule: “However, if he is close enough and becomes clearly offensive, the referee can intervention.”



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