Isla lamented the “embarrassing result” on her debut

On Thursday they fought for the Group A from Liberators cup the champion of the South American, Independent of the Valley and the current monarch, Flamengo. The game had its owner from start to finish and the Ecuadorians beat the Brazilians 5-0.

One of the party figures was Gabriel Torres placeholder image, who belongs to University of Chile. The Panamanian scored a great goal and gave an assist.

After the match that marked his debut in the continental competition, Mauritius Island declared. “We could not do what we wanted, to propose our game against an opponent who was the winner playing very well with all their weapons. It was a shameful result,” he told Globo Esporte.

“The goals came from outside the area. Here the ball goes faster. But we tried the best way. We were a little tired, because playing in Ecuador is difficult. But we couldn’t do what we wanted,” closed the “Huaso” , who suffered his first defeat in the “Mengao”.


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