Islamophobia accusations: QS drops Quebec

A motion was tabled last Thursday in the National Assembly in relation to the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), an Islamist, homophobic, misogynist and anti-Semitic group, among others (see my previous posts on the subject here). Funded by the feds and Ontario, this group claims in an educational video that Bill 21 constitutes “Islamophobic” legislation.

The text submitted to parliament “categorically denounces the inadmissible amalgamation between Bill 21 and Islamophobia in educational material intended for Ontario schools”. When Quebec is dragged through the mud by extremists like those of the MAC, such a motion goes without saying. The PQ and CAQ did neither one nor two and voted in favor. Even the PLQ, which crashes so often, has also supported the process.

Our National Assembly, as one might expect, has come very close to speaking with one voice in this matter. This was without counting Quebec Solidaire, which decided to abstain.

The reasons given by this political formation to justify itself are unacceptable. Interviewed by the Journal, the deputy Christine Labrie explained in particular that the fact of denouncing the amalgamation between law 21 and “Islamophobia” posed a problem for the qsists. This means that QS shares the MAC’s opinion, Law 21 is “Islamophobic”, as if having a law on secularism constituted a pathology.

Journalists also asked Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois if he thought that Law 21 was racist, as several party activists claimed during their last congress. “I think there is no racist intent” behind it, he replied. The aspiring prime minister here plays on words to hide the bottom of his thoughts. If the initial intention is not racist, that means the end result is. This is what GND clearly implies here. The MAC must be very satisfied with this statement.

This type of remark is reminiscent of the reaction of the head of QS following the debate in English during the last federal election campaign. Shachi Kurl, the host, had said that Bill 21 was discriminatory in a question addressed to Yves-François Blanchet, while the leader of the Greens, Anamie Paul, had told the leader of the Bloc that she was going to educate him on this. topic.

GND denounced the whole thing by saying that it was “contemptuous”. The problem is that QS’s speech has nothing to envy our critics of English Canada. The Qsists condemned Pauline Marois’ defunct charter of values, and then Law 21, as being intolerant, racist, xenophobic, discriminatory and Islamophobic. Their Decolonial Collective supported Attaran last winter, when the University of Ottawa professor called our Prime Minister a white supremacist. This movement within QS also accused the leader of the PQ of being a fascist. By comparison, the reviews of Ladies Paul and Kurl, it’s a little beer!

GND is now figure skating to camouflage this reality which is as indisputable as it is embarrassing for him. Whoever calls himself an independentist also denies the obvious gap between the two founding peoples in this affair.

Solidarity organizations constantly position themselves as champions of the fight against intolerance towards minorities. But when the Quebec national minority is the victim of a vicious smear campaign, QS dissociates itself. At best, this party is abandoning Quebec. At worst, he makes common cause with those who practice Quebec bashing!

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