Isolation is not afraid of boredom! CMHK, SmarTone add code support!Please listen to songs + watch movies for free – ePrice.HK Mobile Version

A new coronavirus has been playing with everyone for two years, and it keeps mutating and mutating, and the family is talking about Omicron. Hong Kong people want to talk about returning to normal life, and it really has to wait until 2046. The worst part is, and Omicron is so contagious, if you don’t win a lottery, or just pass through a place where the virus appears, you should be sent to quarantine at any time. Fortunately, the four major network providers announced earlier that the quarantine will send over 100 GB of data for your use, at least if you have access to the Internet without being bored. And recently, CMHK has added support measures with SmarTone, please listen to songs + watch movies, and there are 5G home broadband services available! For more details, read below!


In addition to what has been shared before, CMHK will send quarantined customers unlimited local data and unlimited local airtime, and CMHK announced that it will strengthen support and care for customers who are forced to quarantine, and provide an additional 1 month free JOOX VIP music service and hmvod standard plan, customers can be exempted from JOO only after providing specified relevant certificates and verificationX VIP music service and hmvod standard plan charges, this special arrangement is waived by application1 month fromIf you have any need or inquiries, please call the dedicated line 2945 8883 and someone will assist you.


SmarTone has previously announced 100GB free local data and unlimited local call minutes, and SmarTone knows that the WiFi in Penny’s Bay is relatively weak, and customers who are forced to isolate may need to connect to many different devices for work, etc., so in addition to 100GB Data and Within minutes, SmarTone will provide customers with Home 5G broadband service, each router will be sent to Penny’s Bay, and at the same time, there will be a free 1-month JOOX VIP and hmvod standard plan to send. If you need and make inquiries, you can make inquiries through the WhatsApp hotline 9660 2688, and there will be a dedicated person to provide assistance.


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