Israel: air strikes on Hamas in Gaza – after bombing snipers – foreign policy


New battles between Israel and the Hamas terrorist organization!

Late night fighter planes flew attacks on targets in the Gaza Strip. According to Palestinian relations, the military structures of the Hamas government in Gaza were affected. According to the "Jerusalem Post" precision missiles are used, which are targeted fired at the terrorist group's facilities.

The Israeli army has confirmed on Twitterwho "attacked several targets on a Hamas base in the northern Gaza Strip".

There were several sniper attacks by Gaza, the army said. The Israeli tanks then bombed a Hamas post in the Gaza Strip. According to the Palestinians, they were one dead and four wounded.

From time to time Israel is attacked by the Gaza Strip – in part by a massive rocket launch, in part by fire dragons, which should trigger forest fires in the Israeli border area. More recently, an Israeli was killed in these attacks in November. In particular, since the spring of last year, tensions between Israel and the Palestinians have increased.

The Hamas terrorist organization is ruling the Gaza Strip, repeatedly demanding protests at the border, then using it as a protective shield for attacks on Israeli soldiers or civilians.

The use of the Hamas snipers therefore represents a new escalation of the attacks.



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