Israel allows the entry of two fuel trucks daily into Gaza where the humanitarian crisis worsens

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After 42 days of massive offensive against the Hamas jihadist group in Gaza, Israel accepts for the first time the daily entry of fuel into the Stripwhile local and international warnings about the serious humanitarian crisis increase.

The decision of the Israeli war management cabinet, which contradicts its promise not to do so without the release of those kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, coincides with the announcement of the HIM from suspension of the delivery of humanitarian aid due to fuel shortages and communication outages.

International agencies have launched a new appeal for the entry of fuel and a ceasefire. The UN World Food Program (WFP) has warned that people in the Gaza Strip face the “immediate possibility of starvation” due to a lack of food.

“The war management cabinet agreed to the special US request to supply two tanker trucks for installations of sewage treatment in the Gaza Strip under threat of collapse due to lack of electricity and capacity for UN-managed sewage and water systems,” said national security adviser Tsaji Hanegbi, emphasizing the need to prevent the spread of epidemics.

The decision was so criticized by some ministers that the head of government, Benjamin Netanyahu, tried to calm them down by calling the cabinet meeting wider for this Saturday night.

“The entry of gasoline transmits weakness, gives oxygen to the enemy and allows Sinwar (Hamas leader) to sit comfortably in an air-conditioned bunker, watch the news and continue manipulating Israeli society and the families of those kidnapped,” he protested. the Minister of Finance, the ultranationalist Bezalel Smotrish, who is not part of the more restricted forum after the entry of Benny Gantz’s centrist formation.

Los 60,000 daily liters of fuel authorized for Israel are vital, but it is a drop in the ocean. Hanegbi has indicated in an internal message that it is 4% of the fuel that entered before the warin the face of those who condition the entry of fuel into Gaza on the return home of the 239 hostages.

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