Israel and Hamas war, breaking news | Israel denies a ceasefire in southern Gaza for the departure of foreigners and the entry of humanitarian aid through the Rafah crossing

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The media had reported that the United States had reached an agreement with Egypt and Israel to allow the exit of the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing of hundreds of foreigners and Palestinians with passports from other countries, including American and European citizens. But the Israeli prime minister’s office, Benjamin Netanyahu, has denied this information. In a brief statement she noted that “there is currently no ceasefire or humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the departure of foreigners,” as the press had noted.

For its part, Israel continues to concentrate troops in front of the Gaza Strip preparing for an invasion of the Palestinian enclave, where the bombings unleashed after the Hamas offensive against its territory have already left more than 2,600 dead and a million displaced. Since Friday, the Israeli army has urged the 1.1 million inhabitants of northern Gaza to leave for the south in the face of a possible incursion into the enclave.

Likewise, Israeli troops reported that they continue their “large-scale” bombings on the Gaza Strip and that in the last 24 hours they have attacked more than 250 targets of the Islamist movement Hamas, killing another commander of the organization: the person responsible for National Security of the Southern District, Muetaz Eid.

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