Israel and Hamas war, breaking news | Netanyahu: "Let the whole world know: the barbaric terrorists of Gaza are the ones who attacked the hospital"

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The war between Hamas and Israel continues to charge victims, the vast majority civilians. At least 500 people have died, according to the Hamas government in Gaza, in the bombing of the Al Ahli hospital in that Palestinian territory. In the health center there would not only be, according to the first information, admitted patients and workers, but also people who They had sought refuge after the military attacks of recent days. This bombing, which Hamas has attributed to Israel from the beginning, has been condemned by the Palestinian Authority and other countries in the area, which have requested the intervention of the international community to ensure respect for international humanitarian law. For his part, heThe Israeli Armed Forces have rejected their involvement and they claim that the explosion was due to a failed rocket launch by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad armed group towards Israel. While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed the “barbaric terrorists of Gaza” on Tuesday: “Let the whole world know: the barbaric terrorists of Gaza are the only ones who attacked the hospital in Gaza, not the Army,” the prime minister said in a statement.

This Wednesday the American president is scheduled to arrive in Israel. Biden will directly express his solidarity with Netanyahu’s governmentbut it is hoped that his visit will have an influence on alleviating the desperate situation of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, without water or fuel since on October 7 a Hamas terrorist attack gave way to this war with Israel. Biden was going to meet in Jordan with the president of the Palestinian Authority, but Mahmoud Abbas has canceled the meeting.

This Tuesday afternoon it was also confirmed that the Spaniard Iván Illarramendi is one of the almost 200 kidnapped people held by the Islamist terrorist group. Turkey, as reported in a statement, is negotiating with Hamas for the release of these hostages.

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