Israel and Hamas war, breaking news | The UN estimates that there are one million displaced people in Gaza after a week of war

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The first Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has summoned this Sunday the emergency cabinet of Israel has said the national unity shown has sent a message at home and abroad as it prepares to “demolished Hamas” in Gaza.

The meeting, held at the military headquarters in Tel Aviv, began with a minute of silence by the ministers in memory of the 1,400 Israelis killed in the war with Hamas.

For their part, the great world powers continue to position themselves and China has expressed that Israel’s actions in Gaza after the attack Hamas have gone “beyond the scope of self-defense.” For the Asian giant, “all parties should not take any measures that escalate the situation and should return to the negotiating table as soon as possible.”

Furthermore, the UN assures that the number of displaced people from Gaza is a million in the last weekat a higher rate after Israel’s ultimatum to leave the north of the Strip.

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