Israel and Hamas war in Gaza, breaking news | An anti-tank missile launched from Lebanon hits northern Israel, which responds with new bombings

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The Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah claimed responsibility for today’s missile launch against northern Israel and claimed to have caused “a large number of casualties” among Israeli forces, in the largest attack since violence broke out on the border on Sunday.

“The mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance attacked the Zionist point of Al Jrdah, opposite the Al Dhaira area, with guided missiles, which resulted in a large number of confirmed casualties in the ranks of the occupation forces, including deaths and injuries,” the Shiite movement stated in a release.

When five days have passed since the attack Hamas a Israelthe number of deaths from the surprise raid on Saturday by the Islamist movement exceeded 1,200 this Wednesday and the injured exceeded 2,900, while the exchange of fire with the militias of the Gaza Strip.

This death toll, reported by local media citing emergency medical services, marks a significant increase compared to the last report, which had confirmed around 900 deaths. On the Gazan side, the Ministry of Health Palestinians have so far recorded at least 900 deaths from Israeli retaliatory bombings and more than 4,500 injuries. The Israeli Army has also indicated that it has found the bodies of 1,500 ISIS fighters. Hamas.

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