Israel and Hamas war in Gaza, breaking news | The evacuation of Gaza continues between bombings after the deadline given by Israel expires

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When one week has passed since the start of the war betweenIsrael y Hamas and before the great land offensive promised by Israel in Gaza, an Israeli Army spokesperson has asked civilians living in northern Gaza to use two roads to head south today. He thus gave them an ultimatum to leave between 10 am and 4 pm local time (until 3:00 pm in Spain). Gaza “without suffering any harm.” However, the borders are closed so getting out of there is a practically impossible mission. In fact, according to Efe, there are scenes of chaos in the city since “the bombings have not stopped at all” despite Israel’s promises, according to several residents.

This scene was also repeated yesterday, when three convoys of displaced people trying to flee along those same roads were the target of air attacks with some 70 dead, according to Gazan authorities. Among the dead were mostly women and children, according to the BBC.

According to the latest data, in 24 hours more than 324 people have died and another 1,000 have been injured due to whatIsrael’s airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. With this, the latest count brings the Palestinian deaths to 2,215 in Gaza, including 724 children, since the war between Israel and Hamas began last Saturday. To this figure we should add 8,714 people who have been injured in the enclave.

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