Israel confirms the death of Shani Louk, the 22-year-old German kidnapped by Hamas at the massacre festival

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The family of the young Israeli-German Shani Louk (22 years old) has confirmed her death three weeks after the terrorist attack by the armed wing of Hamas at the massive music festival in the Kibbutz Reim area, in southern Israel. At least 270 young people were killed and many others injured and kidnapped by dozens of militants from the neighboring Gaza Strip at the Supernova party near the border. The attack, the bloodiest chapter of last October 7, led the Israeli Army to launch total war against the fundamentalist group with an offensive by air, land and sea.

Louk was beheaded. This is the gruesome detail that the Israeli president, Yitzhak Herzog, has provided about the death of this young woman in an interview with the German tabloid. Bild. “These animals cut off his head,” says the Israeli president, who does not clarify whether he had the approval of the victim’s family for his story.

Herzog reported that Israeli security forces found his skull, “meaning that these barbaric, sadistic animals simply cut off his head while attacking, torturing and killing Israelis.” The Israeli president stressed that what happened is a “great tragedy” and offered his deepest condolences to Shani’s family, who hours before reported the girl’s death but to preserve the dignity of the young woman, without going into the details.

“Unfortunately, yesterday we received the news that my daughter is no longer alive. It is very sad but at least we no longer have the anguishing uncertainty. We would like to recover her body so we can bury it but not if the price is an exchange agreement with Hamas” , her mother Ricarda declared to the public radio station KAN after she was the one who, after the multiple attack by Hamas, recognized her daughter, thanks to her tattoos and dreadlocks, in an atrocious video that circulated on social networks. “Shani was an artist with a pure and good heart. Passionate about life”he recalled.

Ricarda Louk was convinced that her daughter was seriously injured in a Gaza hospital, although images of her on social media led to fears otherwise. She now believes that Shani had been dead since October 7, from a gunshot wound to the head. “The news is terrible, but it is good to have certainty now and know that at least he has not suffered”Ricarda declared to the German agency DPA.

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