Israel declares a state of war after a multiple attack from Gaza: 5,000 rockets launched and infiltration of armed Palestinians

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The Israeli Army declared this morning the state of war after a strong combined attack from Gazawith the launching of rockets and the infiltration of Palestinian militiamen into Israeli territory, in an aggression for which the Islamist group Hamas is considered responsible.

“The Israeli Army declares a state of war alert,” a military spokesman said in a statement. Alarms continue to sound in the north and south of the country, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and at least one person has been killed and 15 injured.

Meanwhile, the armed wing of Hamas He claimed that he had launched more than 5,000 rockets towards Israel. “We decided to put an end to all the crimes of (Israel’s) occupation, its time of rampaging without accountability is over,” the group declared. “We announced Operation Al-Aqsa Deluge and fired, in the first 20-minute attack, more than 5,000 rockets“.

Militias armed Palestinians from Gaza infiltrated this Saturday morning into Israeli territory, in the city of Sderot; where they are facing right now with israeli troopswhile the launch of rockets towards Israel, which has not stopped for more than an hour and has already caused one death.

“Several terrorists have infiltrated Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip. The surrounding (Israeli) residents have been asked to remain in their homes,” an Army spokesman said.

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