Israel expands ground operation in Gaza as it searches for Hamas leaders

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While thousands of residents of northern Gaza carried out their desperate evacuation along the Saladin Highway to find a safer place in the south and thousands of Israelis marched on Highway 1 towards Jerusalem to demand the release of the 239 kidnapped people, the war fierce between Israel and the fundamentalist group Hamas entered its seventh week.

Waiting for a possible truce of several days in exchange for the freedom of dozens of children and their mothers kidnapped on October 7, the main fronts are in the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, the fighting in a ground incursion that is expanding, the firing of projectiles against Israel and the Israeli bombings in the Palestinian enclave.

In response to the jihadist attack in October, Israel declared total war on Hamas, promising to destroy its infrastructure and liquidate its leaders and senior commanders in Gaza, the West Bank (On Friday night he killed a leader of the armed wing and other militiamen), south of Lebanon (their cells fire projectiles against northern Israel) and other capitals in the region (several leaders such as Ismail Haniya and Khaled Meshal live in golden exile and until 7-O for sure).

“After the 7-0 massacres, no Hamas terrorist is immune wherever he is”an officer warns about a list of Jisul (liquidation or neutralization) made up of well-known leaders as well as anonymous but filmed participants in the attacks against kibutzimthe music festival (364 victims), cities and bases in southern Israel.

The most wanted list in Gaza of the internal security service (Shabak) and military intelligence has four ases: The leader of Hamas, Yahia Sinwarthe head of the armed wing, Mohamed Deif and his number two, Marwan Issaand finally, Mohamed Sinwar, a key figure due to his role in the armed infrastructure and because he is the brother of the leader. It is no coincidence that a few days ago the image of the Minister of Defense was spread, Yoav Gallant, with the photos of the Sinwar brothers on one of the screens in the room. Israel’s objective is to eliminate the four and the heads of the five Hamas brigades deployed in the Gaza Strip either with the Air Force in selective bombings (missile against the floor of a building) or massive bombings (basically underground infrastructures) and with their soldiers on the ground under the belief that they direct the war dozens of meters underground in the network of tunnels.

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