Israel hopes to make history with the launch of its first spacecraft on the moon


Israel hopes to make history this week with the launch of its first spacecraft on the Moon, with which it intends to join the list of space powers that have landed a probe in the Earth's natural satellite.

The launch of the space probe called Beresheet ("Génesis", in Spanish) will be performed February 22nd aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral (Florida, United States). After orbiting our planet several times, Beresheet he will arrive at his destination almost two months later, April 11th.

The spacecraft is equipped with tools for measure the magnetic field of the Moon, in addition to taking on board a copy of the Bible microscopically recorded on a metal disk. The cost of planning and building of Genesis, designed by the SpaceIL consortium, was 100 million dollarsand most of the contribution comes from private donors, although government, academic, and business agencies also participate in the project.

"The main scientific goal will be to measure the magnetic field of the Moon. It will help to understand its origin"Said Oded Aharonson of the Weizman Science Institute, head of the scientific team of the Beresheet mission.The Moon has an iron core similar to that of the Earth, but it is small and cold, unlike the" heart "of our planet. Lunar does not generate a global magnetic field, like the Earth's, but on the surface, different areas or rocks are magnetic at different levels.

"If we can measure the magnetism of these rocks, we can begin to understand how and when he did this magnetism"added Aharonson.

In the event that the Genesis probe lands successfully on the lunar surface, Israel will be the fourth country in 'conquer & # 39; the satellite of our planet, after the former Soviet Union, USA and China. "Every Jew, not just every Israeli, will remember where he was when Israel landed on the moon," said Israeli magnate Morris Kahn, one of the main donors of that space project.

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