Israel, on the brink of a regional conflict "devastating"

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With 120,000 Israelis evacuated from their homes to flee projectiles and infiltrations, Israel faces its biggest and most diversified challenge since the ’73 war. The fronts in the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen – all supported by Iran – They are going up in flames with the fuse lit by the massive Israeli military offensive against the fundamentalist group Hamas. This weekend’s attacks and warnings in areas more or less remote from the Jewish State could lead to a regional war as the imminent ground incursion into the Gaza Strip progresses.

The trauma of 7-O 23 in Israel, caused by the largest attack in its history (1,400 dead, 213 kidnapped and 100 missing) is much greater than that of 6-O 73, which explains the unprecedented military retaliation that It has caused more than 4,600 deaths in territory controlled by Hamas and inhabited by more than 2.2 million people.

Today, Iran sees its dream of a confrontation closer from its proxies that surround their great enemy without the need for a direct clash and further their nightmare of the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

It is the epicenter of war and suffering. Unlike previous escalations, The Israeli authorities do not intend to “hit Hamas” but rather eliminate it. “The Air Force is hitting many terrorists, but the only way to put an end to Hamas as a regime and with its armed capacity is a ground intervention,” a former senior Israeli Defense official explains to EL MUNDO, adding: “No country that has suffered such carnage can sit idly by. Hamas, which we tried to calm down with money and work permits for Gazans, can no longer be our neighbor.”

But the path to this Israeli goal has become hell for the Palestinians in the Strip, especially in the north, who do not remember such lethal and intense bombings.

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