Israel publishes photos and conversations of militants to accuse Islamic Jihad of the Gaza hospital massacre

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Given the accusations launched by the Government of the Islamist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip Following the death of an unverified number of people – hundreds, according to the terrorist organization – this Tuesday afternoon at the Al-Ahli hospital, the Israeli Army’s spokesperson, Daniel Hagarihas revealed a recording in Arabic between militiamen minutes after the explosion in which they admit that the origin was a failed projectile from Islamic Jihad and not a missile Israel.

Shortly after, Israeli Channel 12 exclusively broadcast images that its camera captured from the southern city of Netivot showing a volley of projectiles launched from Gaza and shortly after an explosion in the hospital area.

In a special press conference, Hagari showed images of the area before and after the explosion at the doors of the hospital, pointing out that the type of damage caused – the absence of a crater, for example – is not typical of a bombing by his Army but rather of a deflected projectile. Likewise, he has indicated that at that time and in that area a burst of projectiles fired from Gaza toward Israel and “no Israeli attack by land, air or sea” was recorded.

In the conversation captured by the Intelligence services and released by Hagari, one Hamas operative tells another: “This is the first time we have seen a missile like this fall and that is why we say that it belongs to Islamic Jihad“. After showing his surprise at the failed projectile, one hears: “They say that the shrapnel from a missile is local shrapnel and not Israeli.”

“They (Islamic Jihad) shot him from the cemetery behind the Hospital Al-Maamadanifailed and fell on them,” adds one of the militiamen who Israel identified as operatives Hamas in a recording that has not been independently verified.

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