Israel tightens the siege on Gaza with the unconditional support of the United States

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On the sixth day of the war against Hamas that is wreaking havoc in the Gaza Strip and in response to the most lethal attack against its citizens, Israel raised its military and rhetorical fire. The testimonies of the multiple murders in the kibbutzim and the increase in the death toll (at least 1,300) have contributed to the fact that the promise is no longer to destroy the “military capabilities” of the jihadist group but his own regime in the Palestinian enclave. A goal that would only be possible with a ground offensive that would significantly increase the death toll which exceeds 1,500 and destroyed houses in the Gaza Strip.

Israel faces the war with the full support of the US reflected in the repeated speeches of its president Joe Bidenthe supply of Tamir missiles to guarantee the reserves of the anti-aircraft defensive batteries in a campaign that appears to be long and the visit of his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who this Thursday was moved by the images and stories of the testimonies of the massacre in the communities bordering the Gazan territory.

“I do not come only as Secretary of State but as Jew. My grandfather fled the pogrom in Russia and survived the Nazi concentration camps. “That’s why I understand on a personal level the meaning of the murders of Israelis and Jews around the world,” he said in Tel Aviv. The White House revealed that 27 Americans were killed by Hamas.

“The message I bring to Israel is that you may be strong enough to defend yourself, but as long as the United States exists, you will never have to. We will always be by your side“Blinken said.

The message was not only addressed to Netanyahu but also to the Iranian leader, the Ayatollah Jameneiand that of the Lebanese group Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah.

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