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The situations around the West Bank and the Russian peninsula of Crimea should not be compared, said Chargé d’Affaires of Israel in Russia Eli Belotserkovsky in an interview with

“I don’t think any comparisons are appropriate here,” he answered the journalist’s corresponding question.

Regarding how the authorities of the Jewish state relate to possible sanctions by the European Union in connection with the annexation of territories on the West Bank, the Belotserkovsky replied that it was too early to talk about this. According to him, the newly elected government is just starting its work.

The diplomat also commented on the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin on direct negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian sides in Moscow: he emphasized the peaceful intentions of the Israeli authorities. “This is our permanent goal, and we invite the Palestinian side to return to the negotiating table without any preconditions. This is our position, ”the publication of his words cites.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced his readiness for negotiations in the Russian capital on May 21: he sent a letter to Putin asking for help in organizing them.

Palestine previously decided to break all agreements with Israel and the United States. According to Abbas, the republic declines all obligations under all agreements with these countries. The head of administration added that Palestine will return to negotiations only with the mediation of a third party.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on May 17 that it was time to annex the Palestinian territories in favor of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Jordan Valley. Prior to this, the United States called for such a step.

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