Israel will be the first in the world to replenish the lake with desalinated sea water — ČT24 — Czech Television

Scientific tests carried out so far show that the desalinated water should not affect the local ecosystem in a significant way and should make it possible to maintain a stable water level. Gideon Gal, who runs the limnology laboratory where some of the tests were carried out, said there were “certain concerns and that everyone would wish it didn’t have to be done”. “But when you weigh the pros and cons, I think the former outweigh the latter,” he said.

The construction of the pipeline will cost 900 million shekels (6.2 billion crowns) and was decided after years of catastrophic drought from 2013 to 2018. The lake level then dropped to a historic low. After the rains of the past two winters, the water level temporarily rose again, this January reaching 32 centimeters below maximum capacity for the first time in three decades.

However, in times of climate change, rainfall is expected to decrease, while water consumption will increase. Israel wants to annex the villages in the north of the country, which now have water only from underground and streams. The treaties also oblige him to supply 100 million cubic meters of water to the Palestinians annually, and last year he agreed to double the water supply to Jordan to 50 million cubic meters.

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