Israeli military operation "selective against Hamas" at Al Shifa hospital

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After almost three weeks of ground incursion and with a large part of the northern Gaza Strip under its control, the Israeli Army launched an operation this morning in a part of the complex of the Hospital Al Shifa pointing out that it is part of the search for “terrorist infrastructure” and information on those kidnapped in the Hamas attack on October 7 in southern Israel.

“The precise and selective mission against Hamas, initiated based on intelligence information and an operational need, it’s still going“Israel said this morning after its soldiers, accompanied by medical teams, entered an area – the basement and surroundings – of the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The government of the fundamentalist group that has controlled the Palestinian enclave since 2007 denies Israeli accusations that Al Shifa, and especially its subsoil connected to the network of tunnels, is one of the main command centers of its armed wing. “The occupation army’s assault on the Al Shifa medical complex It’s a war crimea moral crime and a crime against humanity,” denounces Hamas.

Before the military entry into the Al Shifa Hospital – indicates the Army – its forces “they found explosive devices and terrorist cellsand a confrontation began in which terrorists died.” Various Israeli media speak of five militiamen killed in the fighting in that area of ​​Gaza City, citing Army sources. According to Israel, so far there has been no friction between its soldiers and medical staff and hospital patients.

Those responsible for the Hamas Ministry of Health and the hospital were notified in advance (around 30 minutes) by the Army. It is believed that around 1,000 people, including patients, injured and staff, were inside last night of the health center. In recent days, the Al Shifa management reported the death of several newborn babies due to lack of fuel and warned that the lives of more than 30 premature babies are in danger.

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