Israeli Prime Minister with Justice Reforms Despite Protests

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pushing ahead with judicial reforms, rejecting President Isaac Herzog’s proposed arbitration amid continued unrest in Israel.

C. Rubini CTC, Vatican News

Prime Minister Netanyahu has insisted his administration will press ahead with controversial justice reform programs despite President Herzog’s warning that Israel is on the brink of civil war.

Netanyahu revealed that the Supreme Court needs to be dismantled to prevent excessive interference. If the plan succeeds, he and his allies will have the power to override Supreme Court rulings and decide all judicial appointments.

President Herzog presented the proposal on Wednesday after weeks of talks with coalition ministers, opposition leaders and legal experts. According to local media reports, his proposal was a compromise that reflected the positions of Israel’s majority factions. President Herzog also said that the country is at a turning point, going through a historical crisis or a critical constitutional moment. But Netanyahu rejected the president’s proposal saying it was not suitable for his coalition ruling parties.

The Prime Minister’s decision led to the biggest protest rallies the country has ever seen. Critics say Netanyahu, who is on trial on corruption charges, has personal interests. Protesters argue that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s proposed reform plans will disrupt the justice system and widen gaps in society.

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