Israel’s ultimatum: orders the evacuation of more than a million people from northern Gaza in 24 hours

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The tension increases in the Gaza Strip on the seventh day of the war between Hamas and Israel. The army of this country has issued an ultimatum this Friday with a period of 24 hours for the evacuation of civilians that are located in the northern area of ​​that Palestinian territory. He has urged them to move south, a movement that, together with the concentration of troops on the border, points to a possible upcoming land incursion.

“The Army calls for the evacuation of all civilians in Gaza City from their homes to the south for their safety and protection, and their transfer to the area south of Wadi Gaza,” the military statement said. The purpose of this massive displacement is, according to reports, to intensify the attacks against Hamas, the Islamist militia that last Saturday unleashed an offensive against Israel from that area. The military response, in the form of a succession of bombings, has killed 1,572 people and injured 7,262 in the Gaza Strip.

Israel assures that a good part of the attacks against its territory are carried out from the Gaza City, inhabited by some 600,000 residents, whom it asks to leave “for their own safety” and “where they will be able to return only when another announcement allows it,” according to a military spokesperson.

“Hamas terrorists hide in Gaza City inside tunnels under houses, and inside buildings populated by innocent civilians,” says the Army, which accuses the Palestinian militias of using the civilian population “as a human shield.” .

It’s been days since The Gaza Strip is on the verge of collapse, caused both by the bombings and by the interruption of basic supplies imposed by Israel by ordering “the total siege” as a first reaction to the Hamas terrorist attack. Many people They carry their belongings and try to find a place with their family that is apparently safer.. The question is whether these self-protection movements will become the massive displacement that Israel demands.

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