Israel’s war in Gaza, breaking news | Doctors Without Borders warns of the danger of Gaza hospitals becoming "morgues"

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The hospitals of the Gaza Strip They have become the main stage of the war between Israel y Hamas and the situation of the patients is critical due to the lack of supplies and medicines. On Saturday, the Shifa, the largest in the enclave, lost electricity, putting many of those admitted there at risk, including 37 babies. In this context, Doctors Without Borders warn of the danger that health centers become “morgues” if a ceasefire does not occur.

The director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, expressed alarm early on Sunday for having “lost contact” with his interlocutors at the Shifa hospital, the target of “repeated attacks.” “WHO is gravely concerned about the safety of healthcare workers, the hundreds of sick and injured patients, including babies on ventilators, and displaced people who remain inside the hospital,” he said in X.

The Israeli army assured that would help evacuate babies from the hospital on Sunday. Saturday two premature babies died after the neonatal ICU lost power. The babies “died because their incubator stopped working, there was no electricity,” said an MSF doctor.

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