Israel’s war in Gaza, breaking news | Heavy clashes between Israeli troops and Hamas militants in northern Gaza

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Israeli troops and militants of the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas They maintain strong clashes in the north of the Gaza Strip, which were especially intense last night, the Israeli Army reported this Thursday. In a statement, the Army indicates that the militiamen of Hamas They fired anti-tank missiles, detonated explosive devices and threw grenades at Israeli troops, who responded with artillery fire.

In the fighting, in which according to the Israeli Army “dozens” of Hamas elements were killed, a helicopter and a boat also participated and launched several missiles against the Islamist group’s positions.

When 27 days have passed since the start of the war between Israel y Hamasthe focus of the conflict is located in two points, the Israeli bombings in the refugee camp of Jabaliasituated in Gazaand in the departure of refugees and wounded from the crossing of Rafah. In the bombings, at least 195 Palestinians were reportedly killed, according to the Hamas-run government media office. About 120 people remain missing under the rubble and at least 777 others have been injured, the office said in a statement. Israel says he has attacked and killed leaders of Hamas in the camp.

Regarding evacuations, at least 320 foreign nationals from an initial list of 500, as well as dozens of seriously injured Gazans, crossed into Egypt on Wednesday under an agreement between Israel, Egypt and Hamas.

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