Israel’s war in Gaza, breaking news | Israel admits "high price" to fight "fiercely melee" against militiamen of the al Qasam Brigades

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When they are fulfilled 25 days of guerrathe Israeli army advances “methodically” in the Gaza Strip, said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who ruled out any ceasefire in the war against Hamas, demanded by humanitarian organizations that deplore the catastrophic situation in the Palestinian territory.

Heavy fighting is taking place between Israeli ground forces and al-Qasam Brigades militiamenthe armed wing of Hamas, in the northern Gaza Stripon the fourth day of Israeli army ground operations.

“The soldiers are fighting “fierce hand-to-hand battles where they are eliminating terrorists,” said Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari, who did not forget that “this type of combat endangers our forces and It comes with a high price.”.

Besides, the Israeli Army He said that, in the last hours, his troops attacked about 300 targets in the Gaza Stripincluding underground military complexes of Hamas.

Israel also reported having destroyed the home in the West Bank of Hamas number two, Saleh Al Arouri, exiled in Lebanon.

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