Israel’s war in Gaza, breaking news | Israeli President Isaac Herzog says Israel should stay in Gaza and not leave a power vacuum

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As the war in Gaza marks 41 days, Israeli President Isaac Herzog said Israel cannot leave a vacuum in Gaza and would have to maintain a strong force there in the near future to prevent Hamas from resurfacing in the Palestinian enclave, according to reports today Financial Times.

The UN Security Council has managed to approve, with 12 votes in favor, none against and three abstentions (USA, Russia and the United Kingdom) a resolution to establish pauses and humanitarian corridors in Gaza after four failed attempts since the conflict between Israel and Hamas began on October 7.

The adopted resolution calls for establishing “urgent and extensive” humanitarian pauses in the fighting for “a sufficient number of days” so that aid can enter the Gaza Strip for the sake of civilians “and especially children,” and that wounded infantrymen and their caregivers can be evacuated.

This Last night, Israeli forces carried out a targeted operation at the Al Shifa hospital, the main one in the Palestinian enclave, after repositioning itself around the hospital center at dusk since Israel launched an operation early Wednesday morning. The UN estimates that some 2,300 people are crowded together, including patients, medical personnel and displaced people.

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