Israel’s war in Gaza, breaking news | Netanyahu: "Hamas uses Gaza hospitals as command centers"

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After announcing the entry into a “new phase” of the war, the Army Israel has urged civilians of the Gaza Strip to move to the south of the territory, where on Sunday the humanitarian efforts of Egypt and the United States will “increase.” “The civilians of northern Gaza and Gaza City should temporarily move to the south of Wadi Gaza, to a safer area where they can receive water, food and medicine,” he said.

In total, 84 trucks of humanitarian aid have been able to reach Gaza through Egypt since October 21, according to the UN, which considers that at least 100 daily are needed.

The attack of Hamas It caused more than 1,400 deaths, mostly civilians, according to Israeli authorities. His army also indicated that 230 people were kidnapped by Islamist fighters. On the other hand, the bombings in Gaza They have caused more than 8,000 deaths, half of them children, according to the Palestinian movement’s Ministry of Health.

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