Israel’s war in Gaza, breaking news | The United Kingdom asks that the passage of aid to Gaza not be a "isolated event"

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Today, 14 days after Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, an emergency summit is being held in Cairo, attended by around twenty world leaders, but no representative of Israel is expected. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “fight until victory” in Gaza.

Egypt has invited Spain to this summit that will address the conflict between Israel and Hamas that, since October 7, has left more than 1,400 people in Israel, most of them civilians and about 200 kidnapped; in the Gaza Strip 4,137 dead, of which more than 1,524 were children, and 13,162 injured; and in the West Bank, another Palestinian territory occupied by Israel, at least 81 dead or on the border with Lebanon, with exchanges of fire between Israeli troops, Hezbollah and Palestinian militias.

There are several concerns that will be addressed in Cairo. On one hand, the internationalization of the conflict If the land counteroffensive in Gaza announced by the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu and another begins, the passage of a first convoy of up to 20 trucks of the UN with humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, where people live on its 362 km2 of surface 2.4 million inhabitants under the Israeli blockade of the supply of water, medicine, food, electricity and fuel.

The Islamist group Hamas wanted to make a humanitarian gesture hours before the emergency summit was held in Cairo and has released two women that it was holding hostage after mediation by Qatar and who are already in Israel.

On Friday night, the Israeli Army bombed the eastern part of the Al Bureij refugee campin the center of Gaza, houses in the Sheikh Radwan areaeast of Gaza City, and in the eastern and northern parts of Beit Lahiyaaccording to the Palestinian agency Wafa.

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