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This 2020 there was no luck for a Ousmane Dembélé He relapsed from the injury that had occurred to the proximal tendon of the right thigh biceps femoris and had to undergo surgery in Finland. The medical services of FC Barcelona They gave him a recovery time of six months, so the stoppage of competitions due to the coronavirus gave him hope of returning before the end of the course, something that will not be the case.

A few weeks ago, in ‘FCBN’ we already reported that Ousmane Dembélé’s recovery was not going as fast as expected when the operation was performed and this Tuesday the ‘Sports World’ has ensured that the objective of FC Barcelona is that the player does not play until next season, so as not to put him at risk of possible relapse if he played the Champions League in August.

But it is not all bad news. Also this Tuesday, FC Barcelona has published on its official Twitter account a video of Ousmane Dembélé running across the lawn of the Ciutat Esportiva. An image that invites optimism, as it shows how the French winger performs some sprints and changes of pace, advancing with a firm step towards his recovery.

It should be mentioned that Ousmane Dembélé has not played football for eight months -he was injured in November and relapsed before playing an official match- so even if he gets a medical discharge, the technicians should assess whether he can also be discharged competitively, which usually takes two weeks more on average in this type of injury . Therefore, French will not be 100% until next year.

Ousmane Dembélé has been at FC Barcelona for three seasons, but he has been in the news more for his constant injuries than for his brilliant quality. The Frenchman has left brushstrokes of class in the games in which he has participated, but his ordeal of physical problems has taken away much continuity. After the operation he underwent in early 2020, it is hoped that his problem can be solved in the long term, avoiding further relapses.

If it is achieved, it will be shown that it is a great game. He is a fast winger, with the ability to dribble, with a shot with both legs and a nose for goal. Qualities that he has shown while being able to be on the field of play and that are expected to return after the current recovery process. Unless the interest of some team in Ousmane Dembélé, he will continue at the Camp Nou almost certainly, so the next course is expected to make a difference.

Ousmane Dembélé, running in the Sport City

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