It became known about the US plans to contain Russia in Europe

The United States intends to continue the course of the so-called “containment” of Russia in Eastern Europe. Washington plans to implement new initiatives in this direction.

As stated in a new publication of the magazine The National Interest, the Pentagon intends to transfer the 25th US Air Force strike group from the Middle East region to Europe. Thus, the formidable MQ-9 Reaper attack drones will appear in Romania and the Baltic States. Moreover. Recently, these devices have undergone major modernization and now they can carry double ammunition, which means up to eight Hellfire air-to-ground missiles.

In addition, in the event of a reconnaissance operation, these drones will now be able to do much longer without landing. New, more effective video surveillance equipment has appeared in the equipment.

Ukraine will not stand aside either. The drones will not be based there, but there are plans to use them for the first time in military exercises on the territory of Russia’s closest neighbor.

However, one should not assume that Russia is defenseless against such drones. For example, two years ago the Iranian military intercepted one such MQ-9 Reaper using the Russian 1L222 Avtobaza-M electronic intelligence system.


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