It can be taken so that taking off the veils was a mistake. However, the numbers are also rising in countries where they were mandatory in the summer, Babiš said

“It was a society-wide situation, whether it was a mistake or not, it can be taken so much that it was a mistake, but I think it’s rising in other countries where they haven’t taken the veils all summer, so it can’t be evaluated. “Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) responded to the words of the Minister of Culture Lubomír Zaorálek (ČSSD).

Zaorálek admitted in the program Partie that the repeal of the August decree on wearing veils was a mistake. On August 9, the Government Council for Health Risks decided to wear veils, but the Prime Minister changed that, Zaorálek said.

But Babiš reminded that everyone wanted to relax at that time. “We boasted like the Czech Republic, which was the first to loosen up, from today’s point of view it can be said that it was a mistake. But the question is how it will end at the end, when the balance will be made, ie the number of deaths, but also economic parameters, ie unemployment, a drop in GDP, indebtedness, “stated Babiš.

“It simply came to our notice then. We went some way in the first wave, I am convinced that well, now we are going another way, we still have a lot of people here protesting (against the veils)… “said Babiš.

The CSSD wants to restore the Central Crisis Staff

Babiš also reiterated that the re-establishment of the Central Crisis Staff is not necessary. According to him, his activities are now represented by the government council for health risks. However, the Social Democrats will want to discuss the resumption of the Central Crisis Staff at Monday’s government meeting.

“Today we are in a completely different situation than during the first waves, when we restricted the movement of people, the borders were closed, there were no protective equipment. Mr. Hamáček and I are sitting at one table in the government, and he is in charge of the Czech Post distributing protective equipment for elections and for people over the age of sixty, “said Babiš.

To the question of whether the Czechia is really already in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, how stated in Questions of Václav Moravec Government Commissioner for Health Research Roman Prymula the prime minister replied that he did not know how the second wave was defined because there were different criteria. Now, according to him, an approach is chosen to protect people’s health.

“And it is necessary to emphasize the positive numbers that yesterday (on Saturday – editor’s note) no patient with covid died. As for mortality, we are the third best in Europe after the population of Slovakia, which tests five thousand, we tested on Friday 18,400, yesterday 12,300 cases, these are all records in testing, “said Babiš.

He also reminded that ninety percent of those infected have no symptoms. According to him, the number of consumption points will continue to increase.

“We certainly do not want to take any first-wave economic measures. We do not want to close schools, “the prime minister emphasized. According to him, the number of hospitalized is also important, and it is 288 with a capacity of 4800 beds. “Of that, we have a thousand beds for difficult conditions, this morning (Sunday) there were 47 of them for the whole republic. Now the point is for everyone to follow the measures and wear veils, “Babiš repeated.

When asked whether the Czech Republic is in danger of being classified by other countries as risky countries, he replied that the countries are certainly reacting to the increase in those infected. “The problem is that we have no methodology within Europe, and the rules are different. I negotiated with the Austrian Chancellor, who promised not to take action. We negotiated at V4, where the Slovak minister wants to introduce some measures. I asked Prime Minister Matovič that it would be wrong if we restricted the free movement of people again, “added Prime Minister Babiš.


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