It goes yes or yes: Confirm third installment of “Deadpool” with Ryan Reynolds and new writers

One of the most beloved superheroes, or rather, antiheroes in the world of cinema is “Deadpool”. The fictional character from the comics of Marvel played by the charismatic actor Ryan Reynolds has been very successful in the audience, however, the future of his franchise was in doubt.

This because of Fox being acquired by Disney, It motivated several superheroes to have to go to Mickey Mouse’s house without knowing what his future would hold.

But all that was just rumors and unknowns because as reported Deadline, the third installment of “Deadpool” goes yes or yes and with several surprises.

The film is currently looking for screenwriters and the options to incorporate the sisters are being worked out. Wendy Molyneux y Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin, known for being the creators of the new animated series “The Great North”, from the Fox channel in the United States, and having won an Emmy Award for his work on “Bob’s Burgers.”

Obviously the film would also have the stellar presence of Ryan Reynolds, who has been in charge of putting the character in a dignified place since acting and production.

Similarly, the initial plans of those behind the film are that keep staying in category R, so it would not soften its content because it is under the control of Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios.


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