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The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) annually performs measurements throughout Latvia to determine changes in the quality of mobile communications. The latest official data show that for the fifth year in a row, the fastest average mobile Internet download speed in Latvia is provided to its customers by the mobile operator “Tele2”, the average download speed reaching 45.70 Mbit / s, but the maximum – 145 Mbit / s.

In the “Bite Latvija” network, the average mobile Internet download speed is 35.24 Mbit / s, but the maximum is 120 Mbit / s, while in the “LMT” network, the average mobile Internet download speed is 34.38 Mbit / s, but the maximum is 129 Mbit / s.

“Independent measurements performed by the regulator confirm that mobile operators in Latvia provide services at a good level and are constantly improving their network infrastructure. For example, over the last five years, the average download speed on the Tele2 network has increased by 66%. Of course, mobile operators were affected by the pandemic – especially the first wave of last March, when the demand for mobile Internet services grew rapidly. This significantly increased the load on the network, ”he says Valdis Vancovičs, Chairman of the Board of Tele2. We are pleased that, despite the increased load, the average Internet download speed of 73% of measurements in the Tele2 network was higher than 30 Mbit / s. This is currently the best indicator in the industry. This figure is important because 30 Mbit / s in Europe is considered to meet the requirements of broadband internet. In order to achieve such results, we have purposefully invested in development, and the total investment is approximately 300 million. euro. Also this year, Tele2 will continue to invest in development and will start the modernization of the mobile core network, investing approximately 10 mln. euro, which is the most ambitious project of its kind in the mobile communications sector in Latvia recently. ”

In 2020, PUC performed measurements at more than 1,100 locations in Latvia, including 200 locations in Riga. A total of 16,600 measurements were made. In 86 of 110 counties, Tele2 achieved the fastest mobile Internet download speed on average.

PUC electronic communications measurements are performed regularly, summarizing them in the annual “Electronic Communications Service Quality Report”. PUC is an independent state organization, the main function of which is to regulate public services, thus its data is reliable and objective. The latest summary of PUC’s quality report is available at:

By “Tele2”

Tele2 is the leader in mobile communications in Latvia – the company’s customers are almost half of the Latvian population. By building the most modern communication network in the Baltics, Tele2 provides the fastest mobile Internet in Latvia and 4G network coverage, which is available to 99% of the population. In the summer of 2019, Tele2 was the first in Latvia to launch 5G technology in Riga. The company is part of the Tele2 AB group and is the only mobile operator operating uniformly in all Baltic countries.


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