“It is a lie that River and Boca were not aware, D’Onofrio brought an unacceptable proposal”

Nicolás Russo, executive secretary of AFA, went to the intersection of the joint statement that River and Boca published on the TV contract. After the decision of the clubs to break the link with FOX Sports / ESPN, the Millionaire and Xeneize stated “that they do not consider it fair not to have participated in such an important decision for the future of football and the clubs.”

In dialogue with Doble Amarilla, Russo denied that River and Boca had not been invited. “It’s a lie, they were invited. They are aware of the negotiations. In fact, (Rodolfo) D’Onofrio approached a FOX proposal that was unacceptable,” he said.

“Six months before the quarantine came, I said that the leaders of Argentine soccer were totally dissatisfied with what we were perceiving from the television contract. Then an inconvenience arose, which is that ESPN bought FOX and they did not notify the AFA or to the League of that merger. The National State did not approve the merger. They were left in an irregular situation, we could not work like that, “he said about the decision made this afternoon in Ezeiza.

In turn, with respect to the proposal presented by the head of River, he indicated: “D’Onofrio brought us a proposal from ESPN-FOX in which they advanced 50% of what we had to receive in year 27, the last year of contract. Something unacceptable, because that would be putting the clubs in debt. Most, if not all of the leaders who were approving this, we will not be in our clubs in year 27. Also, in that year, If you have already collected half of the rights, how do you manage to meet the commitments you have? It forces you to negotiate a cross-handed contract, “he said.

“Clearly what the clubs approved today is to empower (Claudio) Tapia and some leader designated by” Chiqui “to negotiate and sit down and talk with the Turner people. And we have every right, because we as a club charge $ 2.50 in rights to television. Why can’t we charge more money? “, he stressed about the negotiations.

With regard to the stop, Russo pointed out that it was seven and a half months “very hard”, where “the economic part has suffered a lot.” “Lanús is not only a soccer club, it is a social club with soccer: it has 652 employees. There is a deficit of $ 12- $ 13 million per month. Fortunately, the National State helped with the ATPs. They have also rescued us the great amount of members who continued to pay the membership fee despite not being able to use the club’s facilities. Some isolated resources have been generated that allowed us to move on, with a lot of debts. When a sale and a loan like that of (Lautaro) Valenti crystallized , generates an income for us that allows us to oxygenate the coffers of the club, “he completed.

Finally, the top leader of the Garnet referred to zone 4 of the Professional League Cup that Lanús played, which he will share with Boca, Talleres and Newell’s. “They are important teams, but Argentine football is very even. All rivals are complicated. Lanús has a very young squad and when you have a lot of young people, it may be more difficult for you to be consistent. But we see ourselves in a position to win and lose with anyone, “he concluded.


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