“It is better to do it at the federal level”

“I think that if we want to take new measures, it is better to do it at the federal level or at least in a territory larger than a municipality,” he said. “Thus, we avoid an overbidding of restrictive measures”.

Knokke-Heist decided on Saturday to temporarily suspend indoor sports and cultural activities due to the increase in Covid-19 contamination.

Still, Knokke-Heist doesn’t hurt that bad. “In Belgium, 511 of the 581 municipalities in the country have a poorer health situation than Knokke-Heist”, then noted Marc Van Ranst on the social network Twitter. “But it is true that the capacity of intensive care (at the AZ Zeno hospital, editor’s note) is problematic. Seven of the nine small beds available are occupied by non-corona patients, the other two are occupied by patients suffering from Covid-19 ”, he detailed.

The virologist also questioned the usefulness of the new measures adopted by local authorities, particularly in the cultural sector. “Everything is controlled there. If you really want to do something, you have to tackle the big parties, such as birthday parties, balls, etc. It is necessary to check which indoor activities cause high numbers of contamination. To reduce the risks, CO2 sensors and good ventilation play a major role, ”he stressed, while calling on the government to further control these installations.


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