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No one wants their car stolen. And so he does everything to prevent that from happening. Someone decides to invest a lot of money in various security elements. These are, for example, alarms, but also steering wheel locks or gear lever locks. All these things cost something and to be objective – an experienced thief can handle them. That is also why some consider them unnecessary and rely on what is actually free.


Each car is equipped with locks. Keyless technology is available in some places, a central remote control is available in some places, and in others it is a classic key that must be turned in the lock. In all cases, this is an element with which the car must be secured when leaving. Both for the sake of trying to prevent the thief from stealing and also for the insurance company to pay out money in case of theft. It is therefore appropriate to make sure that the car is really locked when leaving the car.

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Windows in cars are not just for letting light into the interior and for airing out or ensuring a more acceptable climate. Of course, we can also consider them as a security element. Just make sure they are closed after leaving the car. Breaking such a window is not entirely easy, it cannot be done without noise and mess, so it is always better to roll down the windows than to offer thieves trouble-free entry into the car through an open window. Again, check everything thoroughly before leaving the car.


Have you tried starting your car with a different key from the same type of car? Of course it couldn’t be done. The reason is the so-called immobilizer. Another safety feature that is a classic part of cars. This is an electronic device that prevents the engine from starting if another key is used. An inexperienced thief is out of luck at that moment. So just watch out for situations so you don’t lose your key somewhere, or even have a spare hidden inside the car. Otherwise, you will make it much easier for thieves.


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