It is not true that Italy is growing more than anyone else in Europe

Numbers in hand, what the party of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni writes is false: it is not true that according to the new EU estimates, the Italian economy is the one that is growing the most among all those of the 27 member states.

On 15 May the European Commission presented the spring economic forecasts which contain estimates on the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the EU countries. According to the new forecasts, which as such have a margin of uncertainty, in 2023 the Italian GDP will grow by 1.2 percent compared to 2022 (last year it had grown by 3.7 percent compared to 2021). It is true that +1.2 percent is higher than +0.8 percent valued by the EU Commission for Italy in the winter forecasts, published last February. But it is false to say, as Brothers of Italy does, that the +1.2 percent Italian is the highest percentage of growth expected in 2023 for a member state.

According to the EU Commission, in fact, this year the GDP of 13 EU countries will grow more than the Italian one: Ireland (+5.5 per cent), Malta (+3.9 per cent), Romania (3.2 per cent), Greece (+2.4 per cent), Portugal (+2.4 per cent), Cyprus (+2.3 per cent), Spain (+1.9 per cent), the Netherlands (+1.8 per cent), Slovakia (+1.7 per cent), Luxembourg (+1. 6 percent), Croatia (+1.6 percent), Bulgaria (+1.5 percent) and Latvia (+1.4 percent). The EU Commission forecasts that the GDP of Belgium and Slovenia will also grow by +1.2 percent this year, like that of Italy.

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2023-05-17 05:26:35

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