It is planned to establish administrative responsibility for aggressive behavior towards other people

In order to reduce the aggressive manifestations of persons against other members of society, the Saeima on Wednesday in the first reading supported the amendments to the law, which are intended to establish administrative liability for aggressive behavior.

According to the Saeima press service, it is planned that administrative liability can be applied for aggressive behavior that disturbs another person’s peace and is associated with a threat to harm the health or sexual integrity of a person or his or her relatives if there is reason to fear that these threats may be implemented. It is planned that such an infringement will be subject to a fine of 14 to 100 fine units. One fine unit is five euros.

The same penalty is envisaged in the case of a threat to property interests where there is reason to fear that the threat may be perpetrated, as well as for harassment of a person in the form of tracking, surveillance or unwanted, intrusive and disruptive communication.

It is planned to apply administrative responsibility regardless of whether the aggression was implemented by communicating with a person directly or remotely, including sending letters, publishing information on social networks or performing other activities aimed at creating a feeling of insecurity, explained in the annotation of the bill.

It is planned that administrative liability can be applied regardless of the purpose of the aggression against the person. It will also be irrelevant whether the aggressive behavior is due to personal disagreement, professional activity or position.

In order for the amendments to the Law on Administrative Penalties on Violations in the Field of Administration, Public Order and Use of the State Language to enter into force, the Saeima must support them in two readings.


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