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Original title: It is revealed that the Kings become the most active team in the trade market or send Barnes and Hield away

The weeks leading up to the NBA trade deadline are always the busiest times of the year for teams, and the Sacramento Kings may be one of the busiest this year as they eager to break a 15-year streak of postseason streak There is a shortage of games and there are some interesting players from the opposing team. Famous NBA reporter Marc Stein reported today that the Kings management has several teams on their mobile phones that are likely to trade their generals Buddy Hield and Harrison Barnes.

“Keep in mind that the Kings are in trade talks with a number of teams in the league that can be negotiated in different directions. There is a growing belief in the league that the Kings are really going to trade Barnes at the trade deadline. Pistons Considered a potential destination for Marvin Bagley III. Plus, after a near-a deal last July — Buddy Hield was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers — the Kings are also looking to relaunch Greece Germany’s deal,” reporter Marc Stein reported.

Trade talks for Harrison Barnes and Buddy Hield have been going on for some time, and both veterans have proven to be reliable shooters who can improve the team’s offense. So far this season, Hield has three. Point shooting is 38%, Barnes is 42.5%. However, Hield has three years left on his contract, with salaries of $23.07 million, $21.17 million, and $19.27 million, respectively; Barnes has two years left on his contract, with salaries of $20.28 million and $18.35 million, respectively. If the Kings can add enough chips to the trade, it will help them get a quality player.

Nothing is impossible for the Kings, as even budding star De’Aaron Fox could be sent away in the right trade. According to reports, sources said that the Philadelphia 76ers and the Kings recently had discussions about the Fox and Ben Simmons trade, but the discussions are only at the exploratory stage.Return to Sohu, see more

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