It is ridiculously easy to fool the facial recognition of the Galaxy S10


The "bubble" on the front of the Galaxy S10 allows the new Samsung smartphones to present a particularly large display area (the screen of the S10 + occupies 94% of the front surface of the device). Unfortunately, this hole can only accommodate a limited amount of sensors, in fact only a photographic module for S10 and S10e, two in the S10 + elongated bubble.

Samsung had to make sacrifices on the features. This is the case of the iris recognition sensor, which offered minimal biometric security on the previous Galaxy (read: Face ID remains without opponent on Samsung). Many things can be attributed to the notch of the iPhone, but at least the numerous True Depth sensors guarantee a high level of security for Face ID!

The Galaxy S10 still has a facial recognition function, but no one could seriously recommend using it: it is very easy to deceive it, as seen in the video above. A 'picture of the user displayed on an iPhone can easily fool the Galaxy S10. Under these conditions, one wonders how Samsung can still offer this method of identification.

Fortunately for S10 and S10 +, Samsung has integrated a fingerprint reader under the screen (located on the power button of S10e). But it does not seem perfect, like regret The Verge : The tester is slow and fails in the authentication process. And then you have to aim to the right, which is why the protective film provided by Samsung to the testers for free includes a space in the sensor. But of course this is not the case with the business model. (Thanks Ben)



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