It is rumored that Valve is building a standalone VR headset


Named Brad Lynch The YouTuber recently broke the news in his program that through research on patent application materials and other information sources, he is convinced that Valve is currently building a standalone VR helmet code-named Deckard. After this news came out,Ars Technica It was also reported, and it was stated that an informant within Valve had also confirmed the matter. The evidence Lynch found points to multiple iterations of Deckard, including a “proof of concept machine” in June. Obviously Valve’s idea is to make the device have the ability to call up the two SteamVR menu options of “Prism” and “Independent System Layer”, and the latter obviously implies that the helmet can operate independently.

In addition, Lynch also found traces of Deckard in the binary files of SteamVR Linux ARM. This means that Deckard itself has computing power, and the possibility of it being an independent helmet becomes even greater. Ars Technica learned from his informants that Valve is preparing the design of two sets of VR devices.One is similar to Index VR, You need to connect to the computer and connect to the SteamVR tracking box. The other will have a built-in processor and have inside-out technology like Oculus Quest. It is said that in order to realize inside-out, Valve also specially recruited a team from outside to develop together.

As for when Deckard will come out, the source is unknown. Considering that various industries are suffering from chip shortages, Valve still has Steam Deck on hand to ship first, Deckard may be very far away from us.

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